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About Me:

My name is Matthew Byrd, and I have two great passions in life; writing and video games.

Also omelettes, the Dallas Cowboys, films by Sergio Leone, the works of Kurt Vonnegut, the music of Lou Reed, and those orange-colored Oreos they sell at Halloween that just seem to taste better.

But mostly video games and writing. Hence my pursuit of a career in video game journalism, and my current status as a freelance writer.

During the rare moments I’m not working on a new article, you can usually find me cooking a new dish in my kitchen, out for a walk around my home of Clinton Hill in Brooklyn NY, or enjoying a fine adult beverage while reading a book.

Previous Websites:

Fearless Gamer

I ran Fearless Gamer (the gaming section of from 2011-2013.

Gadget Teaser

I also ran Gadget Teaser (the technology section of during the 2011-2013 period.


Contributed to Bullz-Eye with special assignments that included: Product reviews, Interviews, event coverage and other tasks as needed. I also wrote a regular App of the Week column.

Hardcore Gamer

Regular contributor to Hardcore Gamer from 2012 to present.


I write weekly feature and opinion pieces for Unigamesity.

Screen Robot

I write feature pieces and reviews for Screen Robot

Hardcore Droid

I’m a reviews editor for the Android review site, Hardcore Droid

Kill Screen

I submit feature pieces to Kill Screen

Complex Magazine

I contribute various feature and gallery list pieces to Complex Magazine’s gaming section

Den of Geek

I write game and film features, reviews and news for Den of Geek

What Culture

I contribute lists to WhatCulture across all the site’s sections.


News, features and reviews


News, features and reviews

Sample Articles:

Screen Robot

Video Games to Play Along with Game of Thrones This Season

Transistor is Fancy but Forgettable

The Forest Sets the Stage for Suvival Horror’s Comeback

Hardcore Gamer

In The Next Generation of Video Games, Indies are The New Exclusive

The Lack of Minecraft Exemplifies All That is Wrong With the Wii U

The Five Best Horror Games Released Before Resident Evil

Doing More With Less: Gaming’s Best Examples of Minimalism

Kill Screen

The Impossible Has Occurred: Trolls Are a Force for Good

Complex Magazine

Death To the Dealer: 10 of the Most Annoying Cards in Hearthstone

Hardcore Droid

Wasteland Survivor Review: Fortunately Wasteland Survivor Has Stopped Working

Threes! Review: The Sanctity of the Puzzle Game is Secure Once Again


Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak Review – A Long, Long Time Ago

What Culture

10 Classic Video Games (That Have Aged Horribly)

10 Epic Video Games You Probably Never Finished

10 Video Games That Take A Genius To Beat

Den of Geek

The Twisted Grindhouse Legacy of Manhunt

Contact Information:

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