About Me:

I am an experienced freelance entertainment writer and pop-culture superfan who has written for online publications such as Complex Magazine, Kill Screen Daily and Den of Geek.

Though video games are my primary muse, I love exploring new angles in just about every corner of the entertainment world. My great passion is to write pieces that provide a fresh perspective on popular culture and generate exciting new discussions among readers. As a feature writer, I believe that the mark of a great article is how long that discussion lives on.

Over time, I’ve realized that many of my favorite games are the ones with a personality all their own. Titles like Earthbound, Undertale, Max Payne, Portal, Vagrant Story, Nocturne, Illusion of Gaia, Fallout 2, Final Fantasy VIII, Resident Evil, Shenmue and Crimson Skies all manage to capture that elusive “it factor” that often guards the line between good games and great ones.

When I’m not writing or gaming, I enjoy reading a variety of fiction novels and attempting to improve my skills as a cook. Progress on the latter is a bit slow.

Sample Articles:

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